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Knowing why customer buy and saving millions

Gauging customer preference through data analytics


A leading real estate developer would like to know what kind of amenities and location characteristics that buyers like without completely relying on surveys. Having an accurate understanding of what product characteristics each segment of consumers prefer (and by how much) can help guide many business functions from product development to pricing and marketing

Insight and Action

Real estate is not the same in the era of big data. Developments take time and carry significant risks. Without the right data and insights on what consumers prefer and their willingness-to-pay, projects can easily become unsuccessful investments a few years down the road. Realizing this high-stakes problem, the Siametrics team leveraged our econometric capabilities and custom-built choice-based models to estimate the preferences for products for different types of consumers and valuate the willingness-to-pay


key insights identified

from preference model


of customer preferences estimated

Download our client's success story on customer preference estimation