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Public policy

Saving lives on Asia's most dangerous roads
with Big Data

Evaluating policies and predicting accident patterns


Thailand ranks ninth in the world in terms of road fatality per capita. Each day, over 50 people died from traffic accidents. Siametrics worked with Thailand Intelligent Traffic Information Center Foundation (iTic) to pioneer data-driven pathways toward safer roads. The goals of the project were to relate accident data to craft a policy recommendation and to build accident prediction model for field workers

Insight and Action

Combining Siametrics DeepMap geo-database with myriad of information—from past accident records to detailed road and surrounding business characteristics, we developed a holistic approach to tackle the road accidents, ranging from developing the AI-powered accident prediction system to thorough studies on accident risk factors and road-related policy assessment



1 %
reduction in resources

required to quickly respond to road accidents

data-driven policy recommendations

that helped authorities measure effectiveness

Find out more about how we used data-driven approach to help solve road accident issues

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