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Data, AI, Token Strategy

We help top management craft data tech strategies and layout roadmaps that are transformative and practical.

Can AI/Data Solve This?

Most org problems can be solved by algorithms to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and free up resources. Talk to us about your burning problem. 

Lack of Manpower 

Don't have in-house capacity or capabilities? No problem. We take care of the challenging part so you can focus on the rest.


We are well-versed in the cutting-edge space and our talents are all research-minded. Expect quality data-driven research that fits your needs.

Our Areas of Expertise

What We're Great At

We've built all kinds of models for many different use-cases in the past. It is hard for most. It is easy for us.

Custom build your own internal gen AI stack and embed in your existing applications.

Work with us to craft the most appropriate and strategic roadmap to maximize success rate.

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Need help extracting insights or answers from data? You've come to the right place.

Our team has built products on Web3 for years and are on the frontier of where this space is heading.

Extract insights, analyze, and deploy scripts based on blockchain events in open L1s.

Analysis and trading / disclosure data pipelining for capital market and credit industries. 

In-house geolocation data layers, location evaluation, and predictive models based on data.

Our Work

Revamping a Stock Exchange

We're enabling SET to conduct data-driven policies and kickstart preventive market surveillance analytics to combat malpractice.

Saving Lives with Big Data

We used Big Data and found out why over 20,000 Thais die on our roads every year. The answer is here.

Predictive Retail

We helped our client forecast demand at SKU-store level across all their products and stores to optimize stock and profits.

Credit Risk on Blockchain

We built a dApp that offered zero-collateral lending on Solana using ML-based credit scores generated from on-chain behaviors. 

Next-gen Credit Bureau

We helped the National Credit Bureau craft a new data-driven strategy to help it navigate the changing financial and social landscape. 

Data Science is Rocket Science

We worked with NASA, Health Tech partners, and Telco operators to predict COVID-19 outbreaks in Thailand and Virginia before they occured.

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About our Founder

Dr. Napat Jatusripitak is a data technologies entrepreneur based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a thought-leader in the topics of AI, Web3, and Public Policy and regularly offers his views and keynotes at top national conferences and programmes. 

More about him here.

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